How do I launch the Oshinko web interface from the command line?

  • A terminal shell and OpenShift oc tool available with an active login to OpenShift.

  • An OpenShift project with installed.

  • A web browser available.

  1. Switch to the project with installed by typing oc project <project name>, where <project name> is the name of the project with installed.

  2. Type oc new-app oshinko-webui into your terminal shell. If you would prefer to use Oshinko with your OpenShift credentials (recommended for environments with public access) then type oc new-app oshinko-webui-secure instead.

  3. Type oc get route oshinko-web to find the exposed URL for the Oshinko web interface.

  4. Navigate your browser to the URL returned from the previous step. You should see a page that looks like this:

    Oshinko fresh install